Inventory Control

RFID solution that simplifies the process of warehouse management by offering end to end solutions to track, count, monitor and ship goods


The Trackvy RFID Platform for Warehouses automates the identification of products during the shipping, receiving, picking and shelving operations. Inventory is handled seamlessly with mobile and fixed readers for visibility, efficiency and security.

We make the initial tagging efficient and accurate with support for popular RFID printers from Zebra and Sato and Readers from Impinj and NordicID.

  • Track all items from production/supplier to destination with mobile and fixed readers
  • Real-time notifications and alerts when items leave the warehouse without authorization
  • Monitor warehouse inventory in realtime with area readers
  • Monitor location of the products inside the warehouse
  • Quick shipping, receiving and counting of RFID tags
  • Verify all items in shipping boxes and pallets
  • Real-time notification of low stock items
  • Product replenishment reports

Trackvy RFID Platform

  • Trackvy
  • Trackvy Cloud
  • Trackvy Edge
  • Trackvy Mobile
  • Trackvy Desktop
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Ecosystem of applications for the fast implementation of traceability systems based on RFID.

The platform allows the monitoring of each element individually through the supply chain, giving visibility and control of operations.

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