Vehicle Control

RFID solutions that seek to increase the efficiency of critical processes by monitoring and tracking people, vehicles, products and movements.


Trackvy RFID for vehicles, offers a customizable platform for real-time visibility and control of vehicles entering and leaving an area. The system uses fixed RFID antennas to identify and authorize entries and exits. The system can be connected with scales, barriers and other devices in order to trigger actions as parameterized.

We enable initial identification and labeling to be efficient and accurate with support for popular Zebra and Sato RFID printers, Impinj and NordicID readers.

  • Real-time identification of vehicles using RFID
  • Quick inventory (20 times faster compared to barcode systems)
  • Customizable fields
  • Individual history of each vehicle
  • Detailed records of transfers and movements
  • Reading of external sensors such as scales, cameras and barriers
  • Alert when the labels come out or move between zones
  • Open API and web services for integration
  • Optional cloud hosting

Trackvy RFID Platform

  • Trackvy
  • Trackvy Cloud
  • Trackvy Edge
  • Trackvy Mobile
  • Trackvy Desktop
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Ecosystem of applications for the fast implementation of traceability systems based on RFID.

The platform allows the monitoring of each element individually through the supply chain, giving visibility and control of operations.

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