Revolutionize fixed asset administration with cutting-edge solutions that enhance efficiency and control. Conduct real-time audits and track assets using various IoT technologies.

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Our Value Proposition

We optimize the management of your assets and returnables with our advanced solutions based on RFID/IoT technologies. Trackvy revolutionizes the way you control your assets, allowing you to accurately track each item throughout its lifecycle. From initial allocation to data recovery and analysis, our platform gives you complete visibility and control in real time. In addition, we offer outsourcing options for asset and inventory management, allowing you to outsource this crucial task.

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Executive Summary

How do we help?

Real Time Tracking

Instantly control your assets, inventories, and processes with RFID/IoT technology, boosting efficiency.

Cost Reduction

We automate processes, reducing costs by minimizing manual recounts, losses, operational errors, and unnecessary displacements.

Efficient Inventory

Streamline your inventories up to 20 times faster than barcodes, with precision.

Identification of Shortages

Effortlessly detect missing assets during counts, improving accuracy.

Complete History

Access the history of each asset, from movements to attached documents. Operate seamlessly with mobile and fixed readers, maintaining constant control.

Simplified Integration

With an open API and web services, easily integrate with your system and explore new heights.

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