Asset Tagging Using RFID and IoT

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Results and Benefits

Upon completing our RFID and IoT Asset Tagging process, your assets will be equipped with smart tags, whether passive or active. This will allow them to make the most of our platforms to record operations, track accurately, ensure traceability, and much more.

In future counts, the tags will significantly speed up the counting process, eliminating travel, generating savings, and increasing accuracy. Furthermore, with tagged assets, audits will become streamlined processes, giving you complete and efficient control of your resources.

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Our Approach

At Accendo, we have developed a methodology for outsourcing asset tagging and management, leveraging RFID and IoT technology. Our methodology is designed to drive operational efficiency and enhance informed decision-making.


Strategic Assessment

In this initial phase, we conduct a thorough assessment of your organization's needs. We analyze your assets, processes, and specific challenges to design tailor-made solutions with clear and achievable goals.

Custom Solution Design

Building upon the strategic assessment, we create a detailed and personalized plan that will leverage advanced IoT and RFID technologies tailored to your organizational context. This solution is designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your fixed asset audit process, aligning with your specific requirements.

Prototyping and Testing

To ensure that the solution meets your needs, we create a prototype and subject it to testing in your operational environment. During this phase, we validate labels, stickers, reading capabilities, and other critical factors for project success. Iterations will be made as necessary to have a procedure aligned with real-world conditions, ensuring that we achieve the objectives.

Data-Driven Optimization and Planning

Utilizing valuable lessons learned and improvements identified during the prototyping phase, we will proceed to refine and document the master implementation plan. This plan will undergo rigorous final testing to ensure its proper functioning before definitive implementation.

Implementation and Training

We will carry out the comprehensive implementation of the master plan throughout your organization, whether through outsourced or internal operations. The end result will be a fully implemented and operational project that will not only reduce future costs but also significantly enhance control over your fixed assets.

Continuous Monitoring and Improvement

Our commitment to your success doesn't end with implementation. RFID and IoT technology will remain operational, feeding data into our platforms and informing your organization's decision-making systems. We incorporate lessons learned and apply continuous improvements to optimize the fixed asset audit process.

Value Proposition

We offer a complete RFID & IoT solution, including the Trackvy software platform, hardware and professional services that guarantee the success of your project.

Trackvy Platform

Trackvy is a platform of applications (Cloud, Edge, Mobile and Desktop) that allow the tracking and tracing of critical assets (returnable or fixed), people and inventories using RFID, LoRaWAN, BLE y 4G.

  • Real-time Visibility
  • Efficiency Enhancement
  • Enhanced Accuracy
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RFID Hardware y Tags

We allow our customers to implement an RFID & IoT solution, with pre-configured devices, at a fraction of the cost, time and effort of traditional deployments

  • Readers and Antennas
  • Passive Tags
  • Active Tags
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Professional Services

We accompany you in all stages of RFID/IoT projects, from validation to full development. We also provide outsourcing services so you can focus on your business.

  • RFID Technical Consulting
  • Pilot Projects
  • Outsourcing Services
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